Caffe Amouri in Vienna, Virginia

I love this place! If I didn’t have kids this is the kind of place I’d be all day especially on a rainy day like today. I love it. It reminds me of this place in called Mozart’s in Austin, Texas. It just needed a lake next to it and more seats/couches. That’d be nice!

Nandos Peri Peri is an Allergen Friendly Restaurant

I was so amazed by this restaurant and the extent that they went to to make sure their customers were happy. I had to cut out dairy, soy, egg and nuts while nursing. So I couldn’t eat anything and they were one of the very few restaurants who had a very extensive menu that listed…

Korean Seaweed Soup (미역국 Miyeok Gook)

Any of these standard recipes will help you get started. I couldn’t really find one so I made one up on my own. It turned out amazing. 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tbs fish sauce 1 tbs soy sauce A few strands of seaweed Fill up to 4L with water 1 strip of…

Instant Pot Kimchi Stew (김치찌개, Kimchi Jjigae)

For a house that is mostly American we end up cooking a lot of mixed foods in this house. My husband is Korean American and I’m Vietnamese American both born and raised in Texas. So we LOVE our MEAT. I love Korean food and he loves Vietnamese food. We loved this recipe. I don’t mind…

Instant Pot Garlic Herb Pot Roast Recipe

Best recipe ever….I had to write it down so I don’t lose it. used brown mushrooms instead of white mushrooms used half of the cornstarch mixture added a few extra cloves of garlic chop potatoes

Plaka Grill is Soy Free

I wrote them and they confirmed this. They also have a nice allergen menu. More places need to have this available.

Chinese Tomato and Egg

It was ok. It probably won’t be on the table for more. I tried this recipe.  Not enough salt or flavor. Was very bland.

Starbucks Almond & Coconut Milk Containers

For those of you that are allergic one or the other. Just so you know. They try to be cautious but they use the same container for the milks and never even wash it. I had to avoid almond but I could drink coconut milk. I didn’t realize until later that they use the same…