Plaka Grill is Soy Free

I wrote them and they confirmed this. They also have a nice allergen menu. More places need to have this available.

Chinese Tomato and Egg

It was ok. It probably won’t be on the table for more. I tried this recipe. ¬†Not enough salt or flavor. Was very bland.

Starbucks Almond & Coconut Milk Containers

For those of you that are allergic one or the other. Just so you know. They try to be cautious but they use the same container for the milks and never even wash it. I had to avoid almond but I could drink coconut milk. I didn’t realize until later that they use the same…

Mom’s Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue (Beef Noodle Soup)

I still haven’t found a recipe that is like my moms. She just said salt/sugar/pepper/fish sauce. So it doesn’t help me much but it was super delicious! Thank goodness she lives close by! I think it’s by far my favorite and better than any restaurant. I need to get her to write a recipe down…

Costco Pork Ribs Smoked on the Grill

It was delicious. A lot of trial and error because we don’t have a smoker and trying to make do with our charcoal grill. Husband ran and in out of the house because the temperature kept spiking a lot. What we noticed was that if it’s too hot outside it affects or if it’s raining…

Sous Vide Steak Pan Seared

We used to use the fire on the charcoal grill but it was too much work having to start the fire just for the steak and then just letting the fire die. It was a waste. So now we’re blow torching or pan searing the steak after we sous vide and it’s always perfect! I…

Steak Bacon Burgers 

It was delicious. My husband just bought a new kitchen aide meat grinder that was recently on sale and he had to test it out. I do a lot of cooking but he does all the grilling and sous vide recipes. I’ll include that here so that we can remember what he did as well….

Pork Chops

Looking for a good pork chop recipe but can’t seem to find one. This one we tried it was so awful we couldn’t even take a picture of it and not even finish it. Two bites in and we tossed it. It was probably one of the worst recipe we’ve ever tried. I think salt…

African Chicken Recipe

It didn’t taste like anything my friend ever made me. She said she got the spices from her home town. No idea what it was made out of but definitely not this recipe. I guess my search continues. This one was too tangy and not enough salt.

Vietnamese Ca Kho

Something went wrong. It tasted like but it didn’t look like it. It never caramelized correctly. Must try this recipe again. I substituted catfish fillet for regular catfish because I don’t like how fishy it can taste. Maybe that’s what went wrong. I’ll have to try it again. I think it’s definitely user error. I…