Beautiful Toddler Crochet Bonnet

The hat actually fit my 3 year old lolol  Hook: 5.5 Yarn: Chunky Yarn Ch 34 Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across Row 2…..: Turn, Ch.1, (Sc, 2 Dc) in first stitch, * Skip 2 stitches, (Sc, 2 Dc) in next* Repeat 4 times, Sc in last stitch Repeat Row 2…

Crochet Acorn Baby Hat

I tried this pattern but unfortunately I think it’s sized for a preemie and I even used a crochet hook size H. So I’m going to create my own similar pattern.  

Classical Newborn Crochet Hat Pattern

My go to for everything is here. She’s amazing and her patterns are so easy to follow. I basically go to her website every time to use this standard pattern and then make a bunch of different variations. With buttons, without buttons, with ear flaps, without flaps etc. Made a bear using these ears from…

Newborn Shell Stitch Crochet Beanie

Working on this pattern here. Round 11 – I only did 2dc in the first ch1 space. (It felt a little bit wide so I wanted to tighten it a bit. Did 13 rounds and stopped, feeling like it’s getting too long. Round 14, 15: sc all the way around and then finish/tie off.

Crochet Newborn Puff Stitch Beanie

I followed this blog but they didn’t explain a few things. They said to follow this blog but didn’t explain how exactly to make it smaller. I counted the stitches and I think it’s the following. Now I have to frog everything and try again. I’m writing it down so I can do this pattern…

Pork Belly in the Air Fryer

It was amazing! The meat wasn’t as dry as I thought it would be. I used this recipe. I mostly did salt and olive oil. 320 F 20 min to 356 F 25 min.

Chinese “dim sum” Sticky Rice

This recipe was delicious! I used: 10 mushrooms And I have to make sure I sir next time when I put the rice in…I didn’t stir I had a whole clump of rice that was not cooked.

Sous Vide Dry Aged Steak

It was heavenly. There are no words that can describe how it tasted. Seriously best steak I’ve ever had that I don’t even remember how the steak houses taste in NYC when I went.  Dry aged gives it this nice meaty flavor. It just tasted beefier?! Is that even a real word? Thanks hubby best…

Vietnamese Banh Cuon

I’ve made this once at home. It was pretty difficult. I think I’ll stick to buying this one at the grocery store. It reminds me of home. I love eating this with cha and fried dried onion pieces and nuoc cham.  It’s made with pork and mushrooms with a rice wrapper. I remember my mom…

Texas Snow’s BBQ

When you’re from Texas and you can’t find any bbq the only other way is to ship it in. Fortunately for us Snow’s BBQ ships. They only ship on Tuesdays so if you want to order for a party make sure to order in advance and it takes a couple days to get to you….