Beautiful Toddler Crochet Bonnet

The hat actually fit my 3 year old lolol

Hook: 5.5

Yarn: Chunky Yarn

Ch 34

Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across

Row 2…..: Turn, Ch.1, (Sc, 2 Dc) in first stitch, * Skip 2 stitches, (Sc, 2 Dc) in next* Repeat 4 times, Sc in last stitch

Repeat Row 2 until squarish.

To finish bonnet simply fold in half along foundation chain and stitch together. This seam will be at the back of the bonnet.

TIES (make 2): Ch 40 and attach to corner of bonnet. I used a larger hook and 2 strands of yarn together for this.

Credit: You Never Know & Crochet Latte