Cha Trung Hap (Vietnamese Meatloaf Steamed Egg Omelet)

I’m currently experimenting with the instant pot pressure cooker. I wanted to make more Vietnamese dishes with the instant pot but it seems like there’s not that many of them and if there are it’s in broken english. So I’m writing them down here for others but mostly for myself to keep track of the recipes.

Thank you to Wandering Chopsticks for the delicious recipe.
Thank you Dr. Karen Lee for your instant pot egg cooking method ways.

So what I did was combined the two and did it in little ramekins because I didn’t have a big one that would fit all of it but in the instant pot. It ended up making 5 with the recipe that I did (which ended up pretty annoying because I have to take out the finished ones and then cook again for just the last uncooked one don’t know how to fix that unless I bought one that can fit in there just for the recipe). Cooking it now. Let’s hope it turned out. I did it for 20 minutes on manual on the steaming trivet. Although I think I should have added more salt for my husband he’s a salty guy…nothing is every salty enough for him.

For the Instant Pot I did:

  1. Add one cup of water in the Instant pot
  2. Place the trivet or steamer basket inside.
  3. Close the lid tightly, close the vent valve
  4. Press “Manual” on HIGH pressure for 20 minutes and NPR.

Notes (what i’m going to do next time):
– 2x the salt
– add 1 tbs of pepper
– 3x the fish sauce
– add more carrot mostly for color to the dish
– buy new ramekin to fit into instant pot

It turned out great once I poured “nuoc chamon it and ate it with rice. The kids (1 and 2 year old) LOVED it. It was easy to eat. Pork was nice and juicy and not dry. Every time I’ve baked it, it’s been too dry. Time to try out some more Vietnamese dishes with the Instant Pot (my new favorite cooking machine).