7 months and a few days…

She’s growing too fast…and enjoying food too much.
She’s teething and having her first real poops.
Doctor says I have to starve her because I’m giving her too much solids…and she needs more breastmilk. Poor kid.
She’s trying to do too many things. She did stairs the other day and sat in a high chair at the restaurant.

I kinda don’t want her to be so independent of me but I know it’s going to happen sooner or later.
I’m trying to work hard to provide for her but it’s so hard when I’m trying to take care of her too.
Both parents working from home makes things a bit hard.

I need to write things down faster or else I’ll forget them.
I need to write my goals down before I don’t see them.

Baby knows how to play hide and seek.
Baby loves crawling after the dogs and terrorizing them.
Sheesh, I love her.

7 months and a few days…