6 months 26 days

She’s transferring food from hand to hand well. She’s picking things up a bit better. I tried to cut things up small so she can eat it but it’s hard for her to grab it…so there’s some give and take of how much and how little…she’s currently eating string cheese, avocados, green beans, mac and cheese, puffs, gold fishes and oranges.

She’s standing well…moving from couch to couch. She can sit down after standing up. She falls here and there. Her first tooth came in. She’s bored of all her toys. She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She loves watching tv. She loves things that she can’t get..wires and all.

She hasn’t changed much in a month the most is she knows there’s “eating” time….before she had no clue what food was. She loves bread. She tried spaghetti, chicken, pork, and fish. She loves sleeping with a mouse and monkey.

It’s weird how when they start eating more my body just knows….and I get my period. So strange.

6 months 26 days