I’m dreading that day.

That day when you don’t want to play with me anymore because mommy is not cool.
That day when I have to be more of a mom than your best friend.
I’m dreading the days when you look at me and tell me “how would you know…you don’t understand me and what I’m going through….” because honey I sure do know what you’re going through. I’ve lived it and more.

I’m dreading that day when you tell me you don’t need me anymore.
Let’s play a little more.
Let’s laugh a little longer.
Mommy can play with your little people and your finger puppets for as long as you want.

I don’t know why mommy is so scared.
Maybe because I don’t want to grow older.
Maybe because I don’t want to fail you as a mom.
All these things in life that could steer you from me.

I pray that God will always have you close to me.
I pray that God will turn you into a loving woman.
I pray that you will not be like me.

I love seeing you grow.
I love seeing you pass things from hand to hand and discovering your tiny toes.
That smile on your face when mommy makes you smile regardless of how goofy mommy looks.

I’m dreading that day.

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