Is it okay for us to brag about our kids?

No, I don’t think bragging is ok. Wait here me out before you start screaming! I’m honestly totally guilty for this. I honestly don’t think that any of us means to brag. Maybe like my last article Wait…what?!. I don’t mean to brag it’s more of like a realization….and can’t believe that my child is growing so fast but it could be misunderstood as me bragging. Let me just first apologize. That is not my intention. My intentions are of course to write it down so that I remember when she did it and coming to a realization that she is growing up. All too often I think all of us are misunderstood. We as parents honestly have nothing much to talk about but the latest gossip about what our kids are doing and how are kids are doing. It’s not like we go out every night like we used to and meet tons of new people so that we can tell tons of new stories.

1. I think it is definitely AWESOME that we brag about our kids…ok maybe within reason! hehehe I love hearing about what your kids have been doing. It honestly is the highlight of our days! So sad but true! I want to be excited with you too! Like when baby started to look at her fists and realized that she had a hand WOW…I didn’t even know that they didn’t know! How cool is that?!?!

2. Ok maybe not in front of single (LBK – life before kids) friends hahahaha I remember when I heard the statement above…I had no clue why they even talked about it…I was lost. I guess we could brag about our kids but I think we lose those friends in a haze talking about our kids hahaha they’ll just zone out!!! I guess we could learn how to balance it out so we don’t lose their interest but it’s soooo hard! I don’t know what else to talk about but the latest awesome thing my child did like eat a CHEETO! -.- lame I know!

Being a mom is hard regardless of whatever situation you might be in…you talk about your kids too little you’re weird. You talk about them too much you’re bragging. Either ways we are instinctively mamma bears and we just are compelled to talk about our little one because life is just such a miracle. It is truly amazing how babies are so tiny when they come out…but they have those tiny little fingers and toes. How they start to realize the world around them and how we start to realize that they are slowly growing up and soon will not need us anymore.

It’s so hard now that she’s so mobile…she’s always squirming and trying to run away when we change her diaper….the diaper station is totally useless LOL she is so mobile that at night we can’t put a sleep sack on her anymore…she almost always slams her head against the crib because she’s trying to pull herself up but falls because of the sleep sack.

Although, from a mom a ran into while shopping she does say that 6-9 months is her favorite. I think all the stages are beautiful in their own way!!

Is it okay for us to brag about our kids?