Teething isn’t so bad!

Need mommy a little more.
Need a little more kisses and a little more hugs. Need a little more love.
I don’t mind.

Sleep with mommy some more.
Cuddle with mommy a bit longer.
It’s ok I don’t mind.
I’ll just lose a little sleep.
Knowing that I’m comforting you is enough.
You slept across my neck.
You slept curled in my arms so nice and warm.
I won’t mention how it hurt my back, how my arms felt like weights.

I don’t want you to grow too fast.
I want to treasure every moment that you’re in my arms.
Remember those nice warm cuddles.
Because before you know it.
You’ll be out on your own.
You won’t want to cuddle with your mom.
You won’t need my kisses or my hugs.
Only mommy will be missing.

So tonight let me hold you tight.

Teething isn’t so bad!