Today, I decided to just make steam food for baby. She doesn’t like me feeding her so all the bottles and things I bought for pureeing food is out the door…well at least I got a blender out of it! HAHAHAHHAA now I can make smoothies =p Hubby always says just for your smoothies it’s not worth it but since baby needs it….

It was so cute today! I know I saw this all the time but I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT…kids grow seriously way too fast. Maybe it’s because our time has lengthened so much and they’re just so young. Anywho…I fed her carrots, broccoli, and fishies! I think she likes it! She looks like she’s at least having fun with it!

Also…today I guess she ate well because after that she normally plays a bit then nurses to sleep but I think she ate a lot so she didn’t even fuss and even fell asleep on her daddy while her daddy was playing games…we both had no idea she had fallen asleep. I had to bring her upstairs so she could sleep in her crib. It was the cutest thing. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it but I didn’t want her to not be able to sleep because I wanted to take a picture of her! lol

She learned how to mimic…i’d say that’s a pretty big milestone! I can’t believe she did it! I was so shocked! I didn’t know kids this young knew how to do things like that! We were shaking our heads at her and all of a sudden she started shaking her cute little head….how exciting to see her change! I love it!