Baby is walking already…

No baby it’s too fast. It’s too soon. Slow down before you hurt yourself, before you stop needing me. Baby mommy loves you. I need you to need me. Life will be there when you get to it…there’s no reason to rush it. Mommy and daddy love you just the way you are. Still crawling. Still trying to eat solids. Still falling and crying for mommy to comfort you.

You’re only 6 months. Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to do? I wish I knew what you were thinking in that tiny little head of yours!

Are you happy? Are you enjoying life? Do you know who mommy and daddy are?

I love that you’re so strong headed! I love that you try so hard! I love that you’re not like me but your father. Baby take your time learning about the world! Mommy and daddy will be right here for you.

Baby is walking already…