6 months and 3 days…i think..

She’s starting to pull herself up and wanting to stand. Wanting to walk already. She’s such a silly baby …if she’s not doing something that’s challenging or learning something then she gets bored. She’s so cute. She’s growing so fast. I wonder if she’s going to be like this when she grows up…She’ll be just like her dad.

She already knows that if she cries mommy will come running to her. I’m in trouble. I thought perhaps she was too young to know but she’s starting to know…I didn’t want to spoil her…it just seemed to happen.

Baby got her first cold and she got all of us sick. hahahaa hilarious…well not really but she’s not really that sick…she just has a snotty runny nose.

Baby finally ate cottage cheese today! I didn’t know she was going to like it. I never knew that cottage cheese would be great for kids. It just sounds so gross….but I’m glad she’s liking it. I wonder what else she’s going to like.

I need to start planning her one year old birthday party. I sound like I’m all over the place and it’s because I am. Maybe I should stop writing…not a good day for it.

6 months and 3 days…i think..