Why? I have no clue.

I never know why I do the things I do…I do them just because “I feel” like it’ll be fun but today I get the feeling that my life will change. I am really blessed to know so many good Christ centered women. I woke up today and she asked me these questions….and at first I laughed. Why is she taking this so seriously? Why would she ask me these questions? I asked her “what made you ask me these questions?”….and then I pondered about it and I just had a feeling that God was asking me these questions through her….and she answered…”it helps keep me grounded and focused on what God has planned for me and my life and ultimately obey God’s plan for me.” That’s my problem I never think…long and hard enough. I just think about the now and never the future. I just want the results but never following through.

1. What is your “why” for going into business with Jamberry? (This is what will help you persevere when you want to give up.)

The reason why I started was because it was a good deal and I just love Jamberry…then it became wanting to meet all the goals they set for me because for some reason it made me happy and I knew that if others met it then I can too. Normally I find goals that I set for myself are too impossible to meet even though they’re not. So the why is continuously changing…at times I want it so that I can make ends meet. Then at others I just find the comrade in it so appealing. Just knowing that other women are out there and struggling just as much as I am.

2. What is your goal with Jamberry?

My goal…right now I just want the Jamberry necklace, it’s the necklace of a Team manager. That’s all I want. I just want enough income so that I can support my family. I want to be able to buy a house eventually….and maybe have another kid but right now it’s not possible if I don’t work. I want to make more friends. I love meeting new people. I want women to know that even if they have a crappy day they can still feel beautiful when wearing their jams….because that’s how I feel. Having kids, being pregnant it’s harsh on a woman’s body. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same….I’m embracing it but there are just some days I just don’t feel good and those days Jams make me feel beautiful.

3. How can this business be used to glorify God?

Maybe just maybe if I can meet other women and love and support them in my own way. I know I’m never good with words but I try to love as much as I can. Maybe just maybe I can do this without quitting.
Maybe I can use this to help other women feel beautiful too.
I have no idea how, when or why but I know He has a reason for everything.

Why? I have no clue.