How to Easily Crochet a Chunky Infinity Scarf

Chunky Infinity Crochet Cowl

I wish I could show you a wider angle of this scarf/cowl. I searched high and low for a scarf like this when I was in New York. I was literally going to pay anything at that point because I was so cold but I never found it! The scarves weren’t chunky enough or weren’t the right shades. I got so frustrated that when I got home from my trip in New York I just decided to make my own!

Many asked me how I made this scarf but it was really really easy!

How to Easily Crochet a Chunky Infinity Scarf (Cowl)

Materials I used: 

– 2 x Red Heart Yarn Yellow
– Crochet Hook Size S

Use double yarn as you crochet loosely SC (Single Crochet) and continue on as wide as you want.
Then SS (Slip Stitch) to the beginning of where you started.
Continue to SC in rounds as thick as you want.

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