Mario Toad Mushroom Newborn Baby Crochet Hat

Mario Toad Mushroom Newborn Baby Crochet Hat

Alright okay it’s not PERFECT but after THREE tries I gave up! LMAO So I’m sure at one time or another you had to have played or at least seen MARIO and I love TOAD so I decided to make a newborn baby toad mushroom hat. I figure since I want a kid but I don’t know the gender of the kid yet I might as well make it neutral for now…I’ve been making too many girly ones!

I found this awesome crochet pattern here, it was GREAT I loved it but my dh said it wasn’t MUSHROOM-Y enough so I had to add a few extra additions. You can find a normal pattern there and if you want to make mine I’ll show you how down below! So go ahead and follow her pattern and give her some love! It’s a lot of hard work writing down a pattern AND then come back here if you want it POOFY like mine!

Mario Toad Mushroom Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern

Round 8: *dc in next stitch, (dc, dc in next stitch)* repeat from *to* all the way to the end.
Round 9: dc in each stitch all the way around.
Round 10:  *(dc in next stitch, decrease dc in next two stitches)* repeat from *to* all the way around.
Round 11:  same as round 10.
Round 12:  change color to cream and dc in each stitch for the next 4 rounds. Tie off loose ends.

If you have any questions or see something wrong please let me know!

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