3 Easy Steps to DIY Pants Tutorial for Boots by @kidinducedcrazy

Pants Tutorial for Boots!

We have an amazing guest post today from Ashley from Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others!  She is an amazing and talented writer! I love reading her blog, she is hilarious, a great wife and mother! Make sure to stop by and give her some love.

This is for the outdated wardrobes! For the poor folk who have to shop at Goodwill. This is a way to take some ugly ass 7 year old pants and make them work for today. You know, back when tapered leg jeans were in. After the parachutes but before the skinnies. Yep, those jeans that made us women with the hips taking over the town, look 10 times bigger. Then some genius thought of jeans outside the pants… I love them, it evened out the thigh/hip area. So since my clothing budget is pretty much nil, a pair of old school jeans at Goodwill may be my only chance. Now this isn’t perfect but it works. Tapered jeans in the french roll to put in a pair of boots are painful so I fixed it for ya….

You will need scissors, leg warmers/long socks and tapered leg jeans.

1. First you cut off the hem of the jean
2.Then you can use your long socks or baby legs to hold the jeans in.
Long Socks Jeans and Boots
3.Whoala, looks pretty good…
Long Socks Jeans and Boots
3 Easy Steps to DIY Pants Tutorial for Boots by @kidinducedcrazy

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