Crochet Snoopy, Pencil Case, Slippers, and Pot Holder and WHAT?!

Crochet Snoopy, Pencil Case, Slippers, and Pot Holder and !?!?

Crochet Snoopy Plush

Crochet Pencil Case Holder

Crochet Kimono Slipper

Yes, it’s random I know… but just wanted to show you some previous projects I’ve worked on! Funny…I started this blog so that I could first write down the tips that helped me go through these projects….and then it just turned into something totally different! Funny but amazing! Met some amazing women along the way and this blog has totally changed. It seems this blog has it’s own personality and is growing into something on it’s own with no help from me. =)

This blog is dedicated to all the amazing women, mommy bloggers that I have met. I hope that it will become, in the future, to be a somewhat helpful blog…making your blog better, a place where you can speak your mind, and a place where you can get answers! 

The Crochet Snoopy Plush was super easy to follow her pattern. She was awesome.
The Crochet Pencil Case was a bit harder…as you can tell mine was exactly the same.
The Crochet Pot Holder Pattern is here.
The Crochet Kimono Slippers …a baby version of the pattern is here if you can figure out how to make it work for you…I just worked rounds till it looked like it fit me.

Crochet Snoopy, Pencil Case, Slippers, and Pot Holder and WHAT?!

13 thoughts on “Crochet Snoopy, Pencil Case, Slippers, and Pot Holder and WHAT?!

  1. Oh, those are all so so cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer, sweet lady! I’m now your newest Linky follower, and I hope to see you again next week!


  2. Wow…you are very creative. The most I have done is loom knitting☺ I knitted a huge scarf for my daughter for this Christmas. I wish I lived by somebody like you who could show me how to do these awesome projects. I am not one to learn by reading.


    1. Awww that’s exactly how I am too! No fret! Try some you tube, there are lots out there that can teach you! If you have any questions I’d love to help! Thank you sweetie for stopping by! You’re so sweet!

      I’ve tried the Loom Knitting it’s actually harder for me hahaha…go figure! =p


  3. I WANT those slippers and I’m totally green with envy that you can crochet like this…with NO pattern. I haven’t crocheted since college when I was an expert afghan maker. Going to dig around some more! Have a great day!


    1. lmao! hey sweetie! I’ll trade you slippers for an afghan =ppp lol I’m dying to find a fall afghan pattern! I don’t know what to start with…all I know is it’s so hard to find a nice pattern! hehee Thanks for stopping by xoxo


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