iPhone and iPad #Crochet Covers

Crochet Ipad Cover

I got my inspiration from this fellow blogger, I really appreciated her taking the time to write down the pattern…but I couldn’t really understand her directions so I ended up doing my own way but the main point is to NOT turn your stitch…so I figured I could just work in rounds. If you’re not comfortable working in rounds it might be easier following her directions…I just could NOT get myself to crochet with my left hand or crochet from left to right….

For the edging above on the iPad:

*dc,dc,dc in the same stitch* then repeat from *to* in each st till the end. tie off.

For the my pattern for working in rounds:

  1. chain the width of your phone+4 more stitches. (but it really depends on if you want your phone to be snug or not)
  2. then sl st the last stitch into the first stitch.
  3. sc until all the rounds until you are satisfied with the height of your phone cover. tie off and hide ends.
  4. then to close the bottom all I did was flip it inside out then close the bottom with sc. tie off and hide ends.
If you have any questions you can write below and i’ll try to answer your questions!

Crochet iPhone Cover


Crochet Phone Cover
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