Newborn Baby Crochet Owl Hat

My Baby Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Here’s a Newborn Baby Crochet Owl Hat! Feeding my baby crazy addiction! Ended up passin’ it off to my girlfriend who’s actually having a baby instead! haha It was super easy and the awesome blogger  made the pattern really easy to follow! I loved it! Had no problems…only thing was I didn’t have a big enough button!

Newborn Baby Crochet Owl Hat

7 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Crochet Owl Hat

  1. I remember when Xander was a baby and wore things like that. We had one that made him look like he was a snowman! The hat even had a orange looking carrot for a nose! I had a lot of fun taking those pictures!! some of the best pictures are the ones where you dress them up to use the photos for blackmail later in life. I am getting a nice portfolio to use against him in his teen years!! yikes!!

    Aaron 🙂


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