My first #crochet #scarf #pattern =)

As requested!! Sorry if this pattern is horrible it’s the first time that I’m actually writing a pattern ^^ Hope it’s understandable if not please let me know and I’ll try to explain it! Enjoy! 

Attach the rose to where you would like it at the end. (I did it at about the 5th set of dc in).
I used an I-Hook and crocheted the rose very loosely. Here’s the pattern for the Crochet Rose.
I used the Lion Brand Homespun Yarn below 320 Regency color.

  • Row 1: 90 stitches
  • Row 2: dc in 3stitch from hook, dc again in same stitch, *skip next 2 stitches then TWO dc in next stitch, chain 2* Repeat from * to * to end of row. Turn and chain 2.
  • Row 3: *2 dc in ch-2* (so 2 dc in between where the 2 chains from the previous row were made). Turn and chain 2.
  • Row 4-7: Repeat Row 3.
  • Row 8: *2 dc in ch-2* Repeat from *to* till about after the 24th set of dc and chain 11-12 stitches and continue again from *to* till end and tie off and hide loose ends. (This part really depends on how snug you want the scarf to fit on you. I tuck in one end into the stitches.)