This is what got me started….

on my super crazy BABY PHASE….lol yeah…so one of my friends JUST HAD to get pregnant…lol just kidding! I’m REALLY super happy for her and her family!

Normally…NORMALLY when my friends have babies, I just get them whatever’s on their registry and run in the OPPOSITE direction…yeah I was scared and terrified AND I had no clue how to play those silly baby/baby shower games…BUT for some reason I decided to actually buckle down and attend my very first BABY SHOWER….I don’t know why but I volunteered to help out and I really didn’t imagine how much work I had to actually put into it. I’m the type of person if I see a need I try to fulfill it. I’m just like that don’t ask why…but anywho…

So I volunteered to handle all the baby shower favors. At first I was going to make these cute little PAPER baby shoes but I was hesitant because 1. they were hard to make 2. people were just going to throw them away anyways. I wanted it to be memorable for my friend and for her friends. So since I loved crocheting I decided hey why not make some REAL baby shoes. There are 50 of them below filled with candy and all with flower embellishments. Yeah no clue how long it took me…just a LONG time…all these baby shoes were taking over my living room lol. But in the end all that mattered was all her friends and family loved it. Each one got to take ONE home, some were trying to take pairs home and dumping out all the candy on the table! It was great! Everyone loved them and will remember her! Mission Accomplished and yup she loved them too! 

This story also makes me a bit sad too…only because my husband and I have been moving around our entire lives. We have never settled down in one spot to call home long enough. So if I were even to have a shower I would have no one to plan it…no one to help me with it and really no shower. I guess there are pros and cons to every lifestyle…just kind of sad to realize that although I was very happy moving around with my husband…and getting a chance to live in all these wonderful places I never had the chance to really get to know the women around me and grow with them. Oh well that’s life I suppose.